The York 18: The best little sailboat in the world?
by Art Paine
Maine Boats Homes & Harbors
September/October 2019

Little Boats Live Large at The Camden Classics Cup
by Jonathan Blum
Racing on JEANNE
July, 2019

New Classics
by Classic Boat
Classic Boat Magazine
May 2019

Family Afloat: Focus on What's Important
by Cruising Club of America
Cruising Club of America
April 2019

Behind the Scenes: Building a Beautiful Wooden Boat
by Soundings Editors
March 2019

The Long Lost Buzzards Bay 18
by Kathy Mansfield, with photos by James Newton
Watercraft Magazine
January/February 2019

A Faster Breed of Cat
by Art Paine
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
Jan-Feb 2019

Herreshoff Inspired Launch
by Matt Murphy with photos by Benjamin Mendlowitz
WoodenBoat Magazine
July/August 2018

Daysailers KITTY and MURMUR
by Benjamin Mendlowitz (cover photo)
June 2018

Return of the Joker
Classic Yacht Owners Yacht Association

At the Corner of History and Reverence
by Laurie Schreiber
February 2018

To Carry a Big Stick
by Stephen Olson with Photos by Alison Langley
Professional Boatbuilder
August/September 2017

Excerpt from the book "Handcrafted in Maine"
by Katy Kelleher and Greta Rybus
Handcrafted in Maine
Published by Princeton Architectural Press, July 2017

A Herreshoff-Inspired Yacht Tender
by Art Paine
Maine Boats Homes and Harbors
Boat Show Issue 2017

Through the Trees
by Kelly Potts
High End Magazine

Artisan Boatworks celebrates 15 years in Rockport
by Louis Bettcher
Camden Herald
January 21, 2017

2016 Classic Yacht Symposium Abstract on the Herreshoff Fish Class
by Alec Brainerd
The Herreshoff Fish Class – 100 Years
Herreshoff Museum's Annual Symposium, May 20, 2016

Custom Classics: Wooden Boats Crafted to Stand the Test of Time
by Katherine Arteche
May-July 2016

A New England Eagle in the Pacific Northwest
by Rick Strollo
Northwest Yachting Magazine
February 2016

The W.22: A new class designed for shallow-water sailing
by Art Paine
Maine Boats Homes & Harbors
2015 Boat Show Issue

Local Boatbuilder Featured in Small Business Web Documentary
Village Soup
July 24, 2015

Artisan II: Pride in Pedigree
by / Photos by Alison Langley, Jamie Bloomquist, Billy Black
SuperYacht Design
Q22 2015

Artisan Boatworks' VIM: A 1957 classic rebuilt with modern touches
by Dave Getchell, Jr.
Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors
February/March 2015

Gull's Freedom
by Chris Museler; Photos Alison Langley
Classic Boat
December 2014


New A-30 Daysailer from Artisan Boatworks Combines 21st Century Sailing With the Look and Feel of an Heirloom
Robb Report - Luxury Newswire
October 1, 2014

The 2014 Classic Yacht Symposium – Manufacturing: The Quissett 12 ½ Spars
by Alec Brainerd
2014 Classic Yacht Symposium - Manufacturing Quissett 12-1/2 Spars
Alec Brainerd's abstract for the 2014 Classic Yacht Symposium


Four Maine Businesses Recognized for Workplace Safety
by Judy Rabinowitz
State of Maine, Department of Labor


Boatyard's success recognized by SBA
by Sarah E. Edwards
Village Soup
March 21, 2014


The Art of Crafts
by Nicci Perides
Christie's International Real Estate
June 2013

Glued-Edge Carvel Planking
by Matt Murphy
WoodenBoat Magazine
March 2013

In Focus: UNCAS, A 29' Herreshoff Sloop
by Photographs by Alison Langley
WoodenBoat Magazine
March 2013


Artisan Boatworks
by Jim Flannery
Soundings Online
July 29, 2011


Pre-war Daysailers Built New
by Steffan Meyric Hughes
Classic Boat
June 2012


Artisan Boatworks Launches "UNCAS"
by Jenna Lookner
Courier Gazette - UNCAS
August 3, 2012


Environmentally Sustainable Craft that Stand the Test of Time
by Christina Ohly Evans
London Financial Times
July 2012


Bespoke wooden boats destined as family treasures
by Christina Ohly Evans
London Financial Times
July 2012


Practical Solutions - Power That Fits
by Aaron Porter
Professional Boatbuilder
June/July 2012


Maine Boatyard Completes Replica Herreshoff
by Tom Richardson
Boating Local


Artisan Boatworks Completes Very Special Herreshoff 12 1/2
Points East
April 2012


North Haven's Timeless Knockabouts
by Polly Saltonstall and John K. Hanson, Jr.
Maine Boats Homes & Harbors
Winter 2011


Ten Minutes in an Old Style Knockabout
by Art Paine
Maine Boats Homes & Harbors
Winter 2011


Artisan Boatworks adds storage capacity
by Shlomit Auciello
Village Soup
November 2011


A Day at Artisan Boatworks
by Steve Cartwright
Points East
May 2011


Artisan Boatworks Builds Recession-Proof Wooden Vessels
by Steve Cartwright
Fishermen's Voice
March 2011


The Herreshoff 15s, a Classic Daysailer in Several Forms
by Maynard Bray with photographs by Benjamin Mendlowitz
Small Boats / WoodenBoat Magazine
Small Boats 2011


A New Dark Harbor 17 Graces Penobscot Bay
by Lynda Clancy
Village Soup


Two Ideal Daysailers: The WH 15 & the LS 30
by Art Paine
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
Boat Show Issue 2008


Phoenix Rising: A New B.B. Crowninshield 17 1/2 Footer
by Polly Saltonstall
WoodenBoat Magazine
Issue #196 May/June 2007


Boats of the Year 2008: Frolic
by John Snyder
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
Issue #103 Feb/Mar 2009


The Herreshoff 15 is Alive and Well...
by Alec Brainerd, Bernard H. Gustin, Steven K. Nagy
2010 Classic Yacht Symposium
2010 Classic Yacht Symposium