Wooden Boat Maintenance

Artisan Boatworks offers comprehensive off-season “mooring-to-mooring” storage and maintenance services. Proper storage and maintenance are critical to the longevity and integrity of your wooden boat. We have the facilities, the knowledge, and the experience necessary to ensure consistent, expert care for fine wooden boats up to 60’ LOA. From Long Island to Eastport, we come to you, haul, de-rig, and trailer boats to and from our specialized indoor storage facility in Rockport

Conventional concrete floored storage structures or outside storage can dry out a wooden boat over the winter months. In the short term this will result in a poor topside finish and a leaky boat on launch day. In the long term improper storage will shorten the life of your boat or require frequent and costly refits. Our gravel floored storage buildings are specifically designed to keep your boat’s moisture content constant, by allowing moisture in and keeping wind and sun out.

Our highly acclaimed expertise and pride in restoring and building new wooden boats reflects the skill and attention we’ll devote to the annual maintenance of your boat; large or small, classic, replica, or modern. Our maintenance program is tailored to every boat, owner, and budget. We will develop a strategy to get your boat looking and performing its best, and keep it that way for years to come.

Please contact us for a storage quote, so you can realize the long term savings and piece of mind that comes from a well cared for boat. Most are surprised to discover the cost of transporting their boat to and from Maine, is more than offset by our reasonable hourly rates, accurate estimates, and proven efficiency.