International Dragon by Johan Anker

LOA:                                  29′
LWL:                                  18′
Draft:                            3′ 11″
Beam:                             6′ 4″
Sail Area:           290.00 sq ft
Displacement:  3,740.00 lbs

Once an Olympic class, the Dragon is still a hot racing class in various places around the world, so anyone wanting us to build one will need to decide whether or not the boat should conform to current class rules. Racing versions have vestigial cabin trunks and a lot of high tech gear. The original version was intended to be of some use as a cruising boat and has a longer cabin trunk and a couple of small berths. These were typically built with the racing gear of the day, but were much simpler than today’s boats. She could be built more along this theme, if desired.

 The Dragon is an attractive boat with a slightly more modern appearance than many of the older designs featured on this site, and also has a distinctly European air about her. She is known for her rough water ability, but is a bit under-canvassed in light air.  Prospective owners should be sure she is appropriate to their local conditions. As a racing boat she has a classic look and handling characteristics that make her much more appealing, to our way of thinking, than most of today’s racing classes.

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