Cruisette 38 by Elco

LOA:            32′ 0
LWL:   2 9′ 8 1/2″
Draft:            2′ 8″
Beam:         10′ 6″

“Cruisette” became the model designation for the smaller creations built and offered by Elco as standard power cruisers.  This one was known as the Elco Cruisette 38, and was one of several 1935 offerings in a sales approach duplicating that of automobile manufacturers.  Streamlining took the 1930s by storm and appeared in boats like this as well as in autos, airplanes, toasters, and most other aspects of American life during the Great Depression.  Windshields and cabin fronts that slant back, as well as roof lines with compound curves have been adopted here as relatively mild concessions to the streamlined age.  Boats of this type with an extended pilothouse that could be closed to the weather soon took on the name “sedan cruiser” for obvious reasons.

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