Crowninshield 15 by BB Crowninshield

LOA:                              23′ 6″
LWL:                                  15′
Draft:                                   4′
Beam:                             6′ 2″
Sail Area:           265.00 sq ft
Displacement:  2,400.00 lbs

In terms of size, this boat falls neatly between the Dark Harbor 12 ½ and the 171/2. Bearing a strong resemblance to the former, she is just enough larger to fit a non-self-bailing cockpit with reasonable leg room. The sheer line is also a bit more curvaceous and there is no knuckle in the curve of the bow. She was apparently built as a one-of-a-kind boat and not as a One Design, but she’d make a good one.

Like her cousins she should have delightful feel and should perform well in light airs, and she will be exciting to drive hard in heavier winds. With a little more comfort in the cockpit, she is a bit more of a family daysailer than the “Twelve”. Being a smaller and simpler boat that the “Seventeen” she will be less expensive