Wianno Senior by Manley Crosby


LWL:17' 6"
Draft:2' 6" & 5' 6"
Sail Area:366.00 sq ft
Displacement:4,100.00 lbs

Aficionados of classic daysailers and racing classes, like us, are always drawn to the combination of long ends, a round-front cabin trunk, and low, sleek topsides. These elements are present in many of the designs you will find on this site. The Wianno Senior is what you get when you take those characteristics and apply them to a design for shallow water. A beamy and full-ended centerboarder, the Wianno is stiff and is best sailed “on her feet,” which makes for relatively comfortable sailing.

A self-bailing cockpit makes her safe in rough water, and the boats are driven very hard in active local racing in Massachusetts. Wiannos have relatively long cabin trunks, and berths, but the cabin is partly consumed by the centerboard trunk, and as cruising boats they are for the young and limber, who have certainly used them for that purpose and hopefully always will.

Fast and powerful, they make for exciting sailing, and a Wianno would be a good choice for any shallow water area. We are particularly excited about the possibility of building new boats for the Massachusetts fleets, so the class can continue to prosper in years to come.

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