Sound Interclub by Charles D. Mower


LOA:28' 9"
Draft:4' 6"
Beam:7' 6"
Sail Area:425.00 sq ft
Displacement:6,000.00 lbs

This design was very popular, in its day, and for good reason. The Interclub is a beautiful, wholesome, comfortable, fast and well behaved boat. She has a somewhat longer cabin trunk than many racing boats of her general type, and thus has a bit more room in the cabin. 4’ of headroom may not sound like much, but it’s enough to sit comfortably with your back against the aft bulkhead and your feet up on one of the two berths, and that is really the main thing in small yacht cabins.

Interclubs are known for their excellent balance and handling characteristics.  Not extreme in any way, she would be a good choice for an all around family boat.

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