Idem by Clinton Crane


Draft:1' 9" & 4'
Sail Area:600.00 sq ft
Displacement:2,000.00 lbs

For those who enjoy extremes in design and performance, the Idem class will be of interest.  Large, light, and low-sided, with very U-shaped sections, very flat floors, and large sail area, these boats are blisteringly fast in smooth water, making them ideal for their home on the lakes of upstate New York, where they are raced very aggressively. A ballasted centerboard renders the Idem more or less non-capsizeable, but control is an issue in strong winds unless they are reefed, which they seldom are. Not for areas with large waves, there are no accommodations but acres of deck space, sort of like a giant Sunfish. If you want to make sheltered water very exciting, and maybe take a good number of people for an evening sail, this is the boat for you.

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