Crowninshield 20 by BB Crowninshield


LOA:32' 9"
Draft:3' 6"
Sail Area:484.00 sq ft
Displacement:7,000.00 lbs

This lovely boat is very much of the Dark Harbor genre, but in a size large enough to make available some very welcome features.

She has all of the aesthetics of the “Twelves” and “Seventeens,” and should perform in pretty much the same manner, which is to say she will be wonderful in light air and a spectacular performer when it breezes up. Her increased size gives her a very large, if shallow, self bailing cockpit, and the cabin offers decent sitting headroom, making her a much more comfortable cruiser than her cousin the “Seventeen”.

Unlike the other boats currently on our site, she was designed to contain a small auxiliary engine, which even as it detracts somewhat from the purity of the design as a sailboat, will be a welcome addition to those who cannot sever themselves from all shoreside schedules and priorities, without resorting to an outboard motor, which always looks so out of place on a boat of this type.  Her draft has been held to a moderate 3’ 6” through a keel/centerboard configuration. Taken altogether she is a rather practical boat, considering her delightful appearance and superb performance.

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