Buzzards Bay 25 by N.G. Herreshoff


LOA:32' 3"
LWL:25' 4"
Draft:3' 1"
Beam:8' 9"
Displacement:8,660.00 lbs

The BB 25 is a big boat, one of the largest daysailers from the classic boat realm. She has the elegance that always results from extra size combined with fundamental simplicity in her rig, layout, and details.

Very powerful and fast under all conditions, she will ghost beautifully in light air and will be awe inspiring in heavier winds. Her very large cockpit will seat quite a crowd, and there is plenty of room in her cabin for some berths and a simple galley and head, adding some helpful amenities to her primary role as an ultimate daysailer. A keel/centerboarder, she is good for shallower areas but has the beam and ballast to stand up to her considerable sail area.

Her hull design has all of the subtle sophistication that is typical of Herreshoff’s designs, allowed full expression without compromise.

She is a boat for an experienced sailor because of her great power and the size of her mainsail—perhaps a bit much for low-key family sailing. But for those who appreciate a thoroughbred and will not be intimidated by her, she will provide a superb sailing experience and a high degree of comfort combined with a very fine appearance.

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