Boothbay Harbor One Design by Geerd N. Hendel


LWL:18' 9"
Draft:3' 6"
Beam:5' 6"
Sail Area:227.00 sq ft
Displacement:2,100.00 lbs

Designed by Geerd Hendel, one of Maine’s best designers and unfortunately one of our least-known, the Boothbay Harbor One Design is something quite different from many of the boats we are describing on this site.

While she is not a new design, in some ways she is more like a modern “Spirit of Tradition” racer than what we usually think of as a classic One Design.

Unlike many classics she has very short overhangs, giving her a long waterline for a high potential top speed. Due to her light displacement and her very long, relatively straight hull lines she is capable of sailing at her top speed a good deal of the time. Because of her light displacement she does not have the dramatic curves of other designs—her shapes are more subtle, but they are sophisticated nonetheless, and with familiarity will capture the eye as much as any boat.

At the same time she is a simple and roomy boat, uncluttered, and easy to sail.  While it may not be immediately evident, she is also a comfortable boat, with a choice of sitting on the wide side decks outboard of the cockpit or down on the cockpit sole, where the coaming comes at good backrest height, and ones feet can brace comfortably on the lee side. While the cockpit sole may not constitute a “seat” per se, it is actually a great place from which to sail, as one is seated well down in the boat, safe, relatively dry, and with good visibility all around. She has excellent “feel” under sail.

With a boom tent one could sleep on her cockpit sole with the anticipation of a fast and exciting passage to the next anchorage, the following day.

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