Alerion by N.G. Herreshoff

 LOA:                                    26′
LWL:                              21′ 9″
Draft:                               2′ 5″
Beam:                              7′ 7″
Sail Area:           364.00 sq ft
Displacement:  6,000.00 lbs

This design has the notable distinction of being a boat N.G. Herreshoff designed for his own use. She is that happy thing that used to be so common: a hull somewhat larger than absolutely necessary for its contents, making for a simple, clean design with lots of elbow room.

A keel/centerboarder, she is shoal enough to take advantage of thinner water and smaller anchorages wherever they may be found, but she is non-capsizeable and will stand up to her rig. She features a large, comfortable cockpit and a good-sized cuddy cabin which will serve two people for short term cruising, really coming into her own in this respect with the addition of a boom tent. Her primary purpose is to be a big, powerful but easily handled daysailer that will accommodate a good number of people in comfort.

The subtle but sophisticated Herreshoff hull lines are a feast for the eyes, and are the reason why this boat is an elegant performer under a wide range of conditions.