Wooden Boat Construction

Our team of custom wooden boatbuilders craft replicas of classic daysailers, mahogany runabouts, electric launches, downeast picnic boats, peapods, and rowboats – just to name a few. We employ traditional plank-on-frame construction, cold-molded epoxy, and/or cutting edge sheathed strip composite. We build new replicas of classic wooden yachts designed by Herreshoff, William Fife, Starling Burgess, B. B. Crowninshield, John Alden, Sparkman & Stephens, Joel White, and their contemporaries. We can make modifications to those designs, or design new cutting- edge Spirit of Tradition yachts to match individual style and practical requirements.

Wooden Boat Restoration

No wooden boat with a history and some pedigree is beyond repair. Our wooden boat repair, wooden boat restoration, and wooden boat rebuild specialists approach each project individually and holistically, returning heirlooms to “as new or better condition.” Particular emphasis is placed on re-establishment of hull shape and sheer, correction of known engineering deficiencies, and preservation of original design, original materials, and original hardware. Whether built by Herreshoff Manufacturing Co, Henry B. Nevins Inc., Walsted Baadevaert Shipyard, or some of the premier Maine boatbuilders of the last century like Rice Brothers or Hodgdon Yachts: We will “do it once, do it right,” and insure that your classic wooden yacht continues to nurture family memories for generations to come.

Wooden Boat Service

When it comes to quality, value, and convenience in wooden boat ownership, our comprehensive “mooring to mooring” service program is simply unsurpassed. Our clients are extremely proud of their wooden boats, and recognize that specialized off-season storage and expert finishing is not only critical to the longevity and integrity of their boat, it leads to long term savings and peace of mind. From New York, NY, Newport, RI, Nantucket, MA, Northeast Harbor, ME, and harbors in between: Each fall, experienced wooden boat owners send their boats to our boatyard in Midcoast Maine – and trust our knowledgeable and experienced service team to return their wooden boat each spring in showroom condition – ready to turn heads and win races.

The best of being a customer of Artisan is that they do exactly what they say that they will do, and to an extraordinary level of quality. I would encourage you to visit Artisan’s premises. One genuinely appreciates there the art of building, restoring and maintaining beautiful wooden boats, and the commitment and skill of the Artisan team. Alec treats his customers with the greatest consideration. In 45 years of boat ownership, I’ve not experienced better.